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Name:Fitz Kreiner
Birthdate:Mar 7
Location:United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland
(nothing ever ends)

Fitz Kreiner was born in London in 1936, to a German father and a Brit mother. He grew up shabby, a little weird, and rough around the edges. His father died; his mother had to be put into an asylum. In 1963, Fitz works in a flower nursery, visits his mother only when he can't get out of it, and plays guitar in little pubs late at night.

Then, he meets the Doctor. Then, aliens take his mother's already shattered mind. Then she dies.

He leaves with the Doctor because he has to, because he's wanted for the murder of his mother, because there is nothing left for him on Earth. The Doctor and Sam and Fitz, traveling across all of time and space. And it was good.

Sam leaves; other companions come and go. Over and over, and things are bad and worse and sometimes good, and Fitz stays. Worlds collapse, Time is dying, Gallifrey is burning, and Fitz stays. Fitz has run from everything in his entire life, but when the sky is on fire and the worlds disappear, Fitz stays.

[[Fitz is from the Eighth Doctor Adventure novels. The mun owns nothing, and is just borrowing Callum Blue's face. Both mun and muse are over 21. still working on the profile, bear with meee.]]

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